Capoeira - Ginga Saroba Group


", game, fight, philosophy, dance,  tradition, music, theater, resistance, acrobatics..."

Ginga Saroba is a pioneer Capoeira group in South India. It was started by Prof. Samuka da Índia and his students, under the guidance & support of Mestre Branco (Ginga Nagô).

The group offers classes in Auroville and its surrounding area continuously since 2007 and focuses on developing the Capoeira form inherent to each individual in the respect of the tradition and in the understanding of the actual evolution of Capoeira. But also, brings awareness about the Brazilian culture.

Prof. Samuka da Índia & his students lead the classes in Auroville, Puducherry (Pondicherry) and Chennai with the aim to develop the art and open the doors of the family’s house to the largest. All meet in a monthly Capoeira Roda happening in various public places around Pondicherry and open to all capoeiristas.

Practical info

In Auroville Since
Coach Experience
Started Capoeira in 2000, today entitled Professor in the group Ginga NagĂ´ supervised by Mestre Branco
Assistant Coach
Presidente (Kiran) / Aranha (Bhavyo)
Practice location
Deepanam School / SAWCHU
Is the location reserved ?
Telephone 1
Telephone 2
Age / Skill limitations
6 years old and above
Special clothing
any but need to allow free movements
What does it teach you
Awareness, flexibility, discipline, self-defense, music, coordination, group work...
Required attendence
2 classes a week
Free for kids studying in Auroville's schools - 800 INR/month for others
Course / Days / Time
For 6 > 14 years old:
* Monday: 1.15PM to 2PM @ Deepanam School
* Friday: 1.15PM to 3PM @ Deepanam School

For 14 years old and above (no limit)
* Monday: 5.15 PM to 6.45 PM @ SAWCHU
* Tuesday & Thursday: 6PM to 7.30PM @ Deepanam School