Ninjutsu is a traditional Japanese martial-art, perfect for self defense, improving agility, mental calm, social values and discipline.

Ninjutsu training offers a perfect all-around athlete training —  running, jumping, throwing, climbing walls, as well as survival tactics in the wild, knots, traps plants fire, etc.

Ninjutsu evaluates the spiritual and mental aspects along with the physical one. It helps work out complicated problems on the spot and it stimulates the perception, developing the human instincts.

Additionally, you will be receiving some general knowledge about the human body and its pressure points, mental awareness, meditation, how to stay flexible, how to keep physically fit, Kuji-kiri (interlocking hand signs) and even how to turn this art into a way of life.


Practical info

In Auroville Since
Coach Experience
Ninjutsu Black belt 1st Dan, 13 years experience, in addition to assorted martial arts practiced since the age of 14
Practice location
Budokan Dojo in Dehashakti
Is the location reserved ?
Telephone 1
Telephone 2
Age / Skill limitations
12 years minimum. no previous skill required
Special clothing
Black Kimono or black colour cotton T-shirt / pants - no logos
Required practice items
What does it teach you
to defend yourself and others, discipline and social values
Required attendence
Course / Days / Time
Tuesday 16.00 to 17.30
Thursdays 17.30 to 19.00
Fridays 16.00 to 17.30