Football, a peaceful approach


The focus in this football training is a holistic one, so the person as a whole is considered not only his or her football skills, or mood-of-the-day. A peaceful and harmonious atmosphere of togetherness, in a joyful environment where learning happens while playing, with emotional safety of all taken care of by the coaches and each other.

After the welcoming circle (for connection and recognizing each others presence), and warm-up and stretching exercises, the football training continues with a group exercise. This has elements of running, kicking, passing, aiming, individual and team play, taking care of each other, following instructions, where the coaches have the role to keep and/or create a cooperative, peaceful, and joyful energy. After the exercises, a game is played with focus on passing, tactics, playing together, and, also, try to make a goal. Welcoming, connection, joy, respect, acceptance, acknowlegding, including, empathy and compassion are highly present during the class.

Practical info

In Auroville Since
Coach Experience
Assistant Coach
Practice location
Aurodam Football Field
Is the location reserved ?
Telephone 1
Telephone 2
Special clothing
comfortable clothes, sport shoes
Required practice items
Bring water, minimum 1 liter
What does it teach you
cardio, ball coordination, sharing, caring, feel seen, heard, listened to, connected, sense of belonging, ....
Required attendence
Come to enjoy
Course / Days / Time
Monday 5-6pm