Teen Hatha Yoga


We work in an active, fun way with a flow of asanas (postures) in different combinations, alone, in pairs or with the whole group. Postures are named after characters from Indian mythology ; fierce beasts, shining stars and moons, the sun, tall mountains, flowing rivers, birds and even grasshoppers.                                         

Everything - the way you breathe, sit, stand, eat, walk and work can be Yoga. 
Understanding the mechanics of the body, creating a quiet, mindful atmosphere and then using the body or body postures  to move your energy in specific directions.

Yoga asanas can quiet the mind, improve physical health and build muscular strength, balance and concentration .We develop self-awareness and practice mindfulness. 

We starts with an inward concentration and end with Shavasana, the relaxation.

This is the 5 th year this activity is offered, twice a week by a team of coaches working together ( Lisbeth, Clare, Natascha, Ofa and Bebe). Many students  have benefited through improved posture and energy, and can continue their practice in adult classes . 

Practical info

In Auroville Since
Coach Experience
Practicing Hatha Yoga since 20 years, coaching Teen Hatha Yoga since 4.
Coach Experience
Practicing yoga since 15 years and coaching since 10 years.
Assistant Coach
Practice location
Is the location reserved ?
Telephone 1
Telephone 2
Age / Skill limitations
From 12 years old
Special clothing
Confortable stretch pants and loose t shirt and a big smile
What does it teach you
Flexibility, strength, concentration, balance, self awareness
Required attendence
regular attendance is required
Course / Days / Time
Mon 4 pm to 5 pm
Wed 4 pm to 5 pm