Play of Painting


Play of Painting was discovered by Arno Stern who is practicing it since more than 50 years in Paris.

Play of Painting is not art but:

  • is free painting in a particular space created especially for this activity
  • no themes or subjects are given
  • it is a non-judgemental activity. We don't speak about the paintings and they are kept in the atelier for archives and research
  • equilibrium between total freedom on the paper and discipline with precise rules, for example how to use the table-palette within a group of mixed-ages participants 
  • calm and harmonious enviroment

To know more about Play of Painting please visit Arno Stern website:

Practical info

In Auroville Since
Coach Experience
Professionally a painter, teaching painting since 30 years, Claire undergo a direct training with Arno Stern both in Paris and Auroville and is a practitioner of the Play of Painting since 12 years
Coach Experience
Passionate about painting, she has trained with Claire since 2013
Assistant Coach
Practice location
Udavi School
Is the location reserved ?
Telephone 1
Telephone 2
Age / Skill limitations
from 6 years old for this group
What does it teach you
Development of concentration, self knowledge and confidence, respect of oneself and others. Development of technical skills
Required attendence
regular and punctual
We take children for a minimum of 1 school year
As of now we have too much demand in relation to the course possibilities hence we have created a waiting list. Your request will be entered in the waiting list and you'll be contacted when there will be space. Probably not this current school year
on donation
Course / Days / Time
Every Saturday 9 to 10 am