Auroville Youth Choir


Choir singing is an enjoyable activity where the children learn songs from different countries, and different music styles. The songs are sang unison or in two or three parts form; both a capella or with piano accompaniment; and in some occasions together with other choirs and other musicians.

The aim of this work is to provide a refined level of singing, to help children to grow on the understanding and appreciation of music, and experience qualities such as harmony, joy, beauty and unity.

The Auroville Children Choir meets once a week for regular practice and occasionally before a concert twice or even three times a week. Every year, the choir is active from July to April, and usually performs twice a year.

Practical info

In Auroville Since
Coach Experience
Singer, choir director and music teacher. Tutoring since 26 years.
Practice location
CRIPA in Kalabhumi
Is the location reserved ?
Telephone 1
Telephone 2
Age / Skill limitations
From 9 to 17 years old
What does it teach you
Develops the sense of pitch and rhythm; works on listening and coordination skills. Develops as well your social skills, and you get exposed to music from your own cultural background and from other cultures.
Required attendence
Presently the choir is closed with 32 members. New requests will be noted down in the waiting list. Choir will reopen for new singers in July 2017.
Course / Days / Time
Weekly class on Saturdays from 2:00 to 3:15 pm