Nature's Theater


Nature’s Theater is the playground where the One becomes the many and the many become one. Once we draw a point, just one little point we have the beginning of all creation. Nature’s Theatre wants to create a safe and inspiring environment where each individual can make its point and create its space to follow its own unique path. Our journey begins with proving that we are all just like a star. We learn to work with the compass, in this case two sticks and a rope. Each participant uses its own body measures for this construction. We are uniform in our shape but no point is the same and each star has its own path to follow, together making a constellation. The facilitator then follows the stars and creates the space to let their story evolve. The participants get inspired to design and create a world together and play within it. 

This activity takes place in the wider context of Lilaloka, Self-Learning and Resource Centre for the Child ( Lilaloka, the place of Play (in Sanskrit), offers activities based on self-discovery and spontaneous self-learning through Play, which allow the child to reveal himself as an individual and amongst others, without competition or judgment.

Practical info

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Coach Experience
Anna studied Art and Education and is a teacher and teacher trainer by profession. In Holland, she worked in experimental schools and schools for children with learning and behavior difficulties. In Auroville, she developed Nature’s Theater concept.
Anna Lila
Coach Experience
Practice location
Lilaloka, Self-learning and Resource Centre for the Child
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Age / Skill limitations
From 5 years old for these sessions. Open to all children, with and without “specific needs”.
What does it teach you
To experience that we all have our place. To mellow down the competitive attitude, reduce struggle. To nourish and develop our abilities. To move in the world in harmony with ourselves and with others.
Required attendence
Regular and punctual.
We take Auroville children for a minimum of 1 school year.
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Course / Days / Time
Monday and Tuesday from 10 to 12 AM